Wednesday, October 4, 2023
Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Arghakhanchi: Killing his own brother by pushing him from the hill


Arghakhanchi. It has been revealed that his own brother killed his brother in Bhumikasthan municipality of Arghakhanchi district.

70-year-old Bir Bahadur Gamal, a resident of Ladi Samnegaon, Bhumikasthan Municipality 1, Khaladhara Bhir, died on Wednesday.

According to the police, Bir Bahadur Gamal and his 74-year-old brother Him Bahadur Gamal returned home on foot after receiving the allowance at around 4 o’clock on Wednesday. Arjun Poudel, District Police Office Arghakhanchi Police Inspector Arjun Paudel informed that while returning home at 7:00 PM, two brothers had a general dispute about driving on the road and died after being pushed and pushed.

District Police Office Arghakhanchi informed that Him Bahadur Gamal was arrested and investigated by the District Court Arghakhanchi with an extension of 5 days.

This too

An old man died after falling from a hill in Arghakhanchi

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