Monday, October 2, 2023
Monday, October 2, 2023

Shristi in the race to become the winner of Miss Beautiful Nepal 2023

Srishti Dhakal has placed in the top 11 of “Miss Beautiful Nepal 2023” organized by Dakshya International.
Srishti, a model, has placed in the top 11 in the “Miss Beautiful Nepal 2023” competition being held at Hotel Rani Mahal in Kathmandu.
Model Dhakal, who has become very popular in a short time, She has achieved success by participating in many beauty pageants.
She came with the intention of doing something in the modeling field. She says that if she can win the crown of “Miss Beautiful Nepal 2023”, she will help in the modeling field and take the sad orphans to a care home.
She also said, “She will make her voice clear to all girls that they should fulfill their goals by making clear about their purpose. “
Dhakal, who has good family support, says that her family has played a big role in her reaching this position today. She says, “I am the eldest daughter of the house, I have many responsibilities, but along with the responsibilities, the family inspires me to participate in such outdoor activities as well, which makes me happy. “
It seems that Dhakal, who is struggling to wear the crown of Miss Beautiful Nepal 2023, will have to compete with 10 other people. For that, you have to collect different points in different steps. There are different numbers in all the rounds and at the end, the one who gets more numbers will be crowned as Miss Beautiful Nepal 2023. Now the talent show of this competition has been completed and the finale will be held on 4th Chait at the National Dance Hall in Jamal.
How to vote Srishti Dhakal ?
• To vote for Dhakal, among the photos of the contestants uploaded on the “Miss & Mrs. Beautiful Nepal” page, go to contestant number 07 and like, comment and share Srishti Dhakal.
• Go to Google on your mobile and go to “Global Online Pay” on Google, there will be various events, among them, click on the event of “Miss Beautiful Nepal 2023”, then go to the category of Miss Beautiful, and among the 11 contestants, Srishti Dhakka, contestant no. can vote,
• Dhakal can be supported by purchasing the tickets distributed by the organizing team.
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